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Painting and Drawing

Shan Thomas: General Purchasing Information

PRICING:  Each work available for sale has a price listed directly under the image. Pricing is generally based on the dimensions of the work, though other factors are also considered. Please note that all prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), and are for unframed works. Pricing in other currencies will be based on exchange rates on the date of sale at  Canadian (Alberta based) taxes are included, however shipping costs are extra.  

PURCHASING:  To purchase or to ask any questions about a work, please contact me using the "Inquire about this Work" link, also available directly under each image.  Once we have determined the additional shipping costs to be added, I will insert a PayPal button under the image for the agreed upon amount (see sample button below), and payment may be made directly via PayPal.   


DELIVERY:  Shipping is available within Canada, the United States and internationally, and will be included in the purchase invoice at cost.  Payment via PayPal is required in advance of shipping.  In-person pickup is also available in Calgary, Alberta, where I have my main studio, or frequently also possible in Vancouver, B.C.  

Many thanks for your interest!