ShanThomas ART
Painting and Drawing
DUSK (SOLD)- No. 3 of 3, "Impressions of a Monet-Dali Day" Series Swan Saint-Saens Close-up "The Long Way Home"
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Becky's Forest (Commission - sold) June 19 - Arles - A Cafe Terrace (during the day).  SOLD DAY - No. 2 of 3, "Impressions of a Monet-Dali Day Series
Commissions and Special PurposeDaily SketchesNature
Mr Toots - from "Saying Goodbye" Series Don't Let Them Go! Close Enough to Touch - (No. 3 of 3 in Mountain Series)      (SOLD)
PeopleStill Life/ObjectsAbstractions
Spring Pink - (No. 1 in Four Seasons Series)      (SOLD)