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(posted on 6 Jun 2014)

Hello again!

In the immortal words of Alice Cooper.... School's Out!! (forever?!)!!!! Woooooo!

It has been amazing, this past three years at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. A time of new growth and learning - and I am very grateful for the experience, and for the friends I have made.

But the truth is, I am almost as glad to be leaving as I was at being accepted... and by that I mean that I welcome the next phase of this art journey- the impending day to day life of being faced with a blank page or canvas.. and somehow wending my way through that as an artist. Yes, it's terrifying, but man, what an adventure!

So - what next???

I am now settled in my new home & studio in Calgary. Still with profound connections to the West Coast, but loving the endless sunshine and the big prairie sky with all that light!

I'm looking forward to establishing an art practice routine, spending some time working with SEVA (see links in the "Links" section of this website) in Tanzania, and generally developing my own sustainable practice as an artist.

In addition, I am having my first solo show, called "Transitions", on July 20 from 2-5 in West Vancouver, (as detailed on the Events page), and would love to see you there - for a visit and an art wander. Please email me at for details.

Thanks again for visiting - and 'nite...from the Big Prairie Sky,