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(posted on 4 Jun 2015)
Thank-you so much for taking the time to come to my Art Show this past Sunday afternoon in West Vancouver. It was wonderful to reconnect with friends, both old and new, and to share my art with you. I also want to thank-you for your feedback. Painting is a solitary business, and it is wonderful to hear your perspective - what you see when you look at my paintings, what touches you, and what doesn’t, what appeals to you, and what doesn’t. If you have any further thoughts at any time, please do send them to me - I value every word.
I have now set up a new Gallery on my web-site with all the paintings from the show, available at this link:
With warmest and most colourful wishes - have a wonderful summer!
(posted on 17 May 2015)

Hello again,

A quick note - I am up to my elbows in paint - going through all my paintings and doing some final touches - I am so excited to be sharing them with you at the show next Sunday (May 24).

I had thought I might post photos of some pieces before the show - but will now be posting the entire show all together, during the week following the 24th... So I hope that even if you aren't able to be there in person, that you will stop by for a visit then, and have a browse.

Happy May Long Weekend! A quick dog walk, and back to the studio for me!


Hello again!

I'm not sure if posting only a couple of times a year really qualifies as a blog... but it's a start!

This update is to let you know that I have been working away like crazy in my studio getting ready for my upcoming show (second annual!) in West Vancouver on Sunday, May 24, 2015. I am so looking forward to sharing my work with old and new friends alike, and hope you will be able to join us - once again, for wine, conversation and an art wander. Please email me at: if you think you might be able to come.

Also - I have not posted any new images for several months as I have been putting together this body of work. However, early in May I will post some of the paintings to be included in the show in a separate Gallery linked from the Home Page - just a wee preview prior to the 24th, in case you are interested.

Here is one of the new paintings... "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden".

See you soon!


(posted on 28 Jul 2014)


Thank-you so much to everyone who came to my show, "Transitions", in Vancouver on Sunday July 20, 2014. Planning is already underway for the "second annual" show, on Sunday, May 24, 2015. Look forward to seeing you there!

Have a good year :)


(posted on 6 Jun 2014)

Hello again!

In the immortal words of Alice Cooper.... School's Out!! (forever?!)!!!! Woooooo!

It has been amazing, this past three years at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. A time of new growth and learning - and I am very grateful for the experience, and for the friends I have made.

But the truth is, I am almost as glad to be leaving as I was at being accepted... and by that I mean that I welcome the next phase of this art journey- the impending day to day life of being faced with a blank page or canvas.. and somehow wending my way through that as an artist. Yes, it's terrifying, but man, what an adventure!

So - what next???

I am now settled in my new home & studio in Calgary. Still with profound connections to the West Coast, but loving the endless sunshine and the big prairie sky with all that light!

I'm looking forward to establishing an art practice routine, spending some time working with SEVA (see links in the "Links" section of this website) in Tanzania, and generally developing my own sustainable practice as an artist.

In addition, I am having my first solo show, called "Transitions", on July 20 from 2-5 in West Vancouver, (as detailed on the Events page), and would love to see you there - for a visit and an art wander. Please email me at for details.

Thanks again for visiting - and 'nite...from the Big Prairie Sky,


(posted on 27 Aug 2013)


I am sitting here in the kitchen, drinking tea while a warm, Calgary, end-of-summer breeze blows gently through the house. The dogs, Lex (my flat-coated retriever) and Lola (my son & his fiancee's springer spaniel), are snoozing. It is a quiet and contented moment. A perfect time to launch this web-site. Much still to do and improve on, but it's a start, and that is so often the hardest part.

I think perhaps it's time for another cup of tea!



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