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Shan Thomas

Hello - my name is Shan Thomas.  Thank-you for visiting my web-site.

Art has always been integral to my life.  My painting practice evolved concurrently with my career as a Chartered Accountant, until the development of a vocal cord disorder a number of years ago resulted in a personal transition away from the verbal and toward the visual, serendipitously leading me back to school and a full time commitment to my art.  I recently graduated from Emily Carr University with a BFA in visual arts and am so grateful to now be embarking on this next adventure.

In all my work, I seek to create mood and elicit emotion.  I am intrigued by the space between representation and abstraction, and am especially interested in exploring transitions.  Moving out of comfort zones, past edges and borders, and embracing those moments where the expected becomes the unexpected is integral to both my life and my work.  My interest in exploring uncertainty and the “uncanny of the everyday” extends to the use of light in my work, where I often incorporate the transition hours of dusk and dawn. 

Music is often a key source of inspiration for me, as are animals and the human figure - both as images and as symbols.   I am inspired by nature, from mountains to the microscopic, challenged by the notion of time and life cycles, and drawn to the line where realism becomes abstraction.  I look foward to sharing this journey with you.  


Solo Exhibitions:

     "An Art Afternoon", Open Studio, Calgary, August 2015

     "Spring!", Vancouver, May 2015

     "This Side of the Rockies", Calgary, September 2014

     "Transitions", Vancouver, July 2014

Fund Raising Shows/Auctions:

     "The Golden Bear" - 13th Annual CWIE Mixed Charity Golf Tournament (2015) in support of Discovery House,    Calgary

     "Bear Talk" - Freedom Gallery Event auction (2014):