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Shan 2018

Thank-you for visiting my web-site.  I am so happy to share my art with you.  


I live and paint in Calgary, (Alberta, Canada), where my studio is filled with beautiful prairie light, and the Rocky Mountains beckon to the West.  I have painted all my life - initially part-time (during my career in business and accounting), and now full-time - after completing my BFA at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design several years ago.  I am fortunate to have my children and grandchildren close by, and my Sheltie "Rowan" to keep me company in the studio.    


I am drawn to two main themes in my work. 

The first is – imbuing ordinary objects with a sense of  mystery or whimsy - perhaps even otherworldliness.  Flowers and animals are often the starting point for these works, and then as they evolve, the paintings become more about colour and patterning and emotion.   Rather than the bright contrast and crisp edges of noontime, it is the fey moments and soft edges of dawn and dusk which beckon to me – the places where realism moves towards abstraction.

The second theme relates to the transience of each moment. It might be a dramatic moment - a truck speeding by at night - the flash of movement and light disrupting our senses before disappearing into the dark.  Or it might be the same view out of the same window - constantly changing with the ordinary, everyday passage of time.  Perhaps it just a celebration of mortality and evanescence.


I take photographs every day - intriguing shapes, light, reflection, shadow, colours - whatever catches my eye, and these often inspire me in the studio.

I am currently working on several projects which I will share with you over the coming year.  One, entitled "My Own BackYard", is a series inspired by 100's of photographs taken over several years from my dining room.  Below are a few examples of photos which may evolve into paintings. 

Thank-you again for visiting - now back to the studio!


Malaga - I Love Southern Spain!  (Private Collection of Artist)


Some photographs from "My Own Backyard" project:

IMG 9475IMG 9530IMG 0094

image1 winter morning january 28 2018sept 2018 IMG 0581



BFA, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, BC (2014)

FCPA, Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant (2013)

CA, Chartered Accountant (1986)

...and before that:  MA (Biology), University of Northern Colorado, Professional Teaching Certificate, Secondary School, UBC, BSc (Biochemistry), UBC